#rhizo14 CAE

So my idea is to have each person's narrative and blogposts linked from here, then to have a way for each of us to post our analysis on each one, comments, other links, etc. The problem would be things like comments on the margins get lost. Now how would we diigo-fy FedWiki to allow comments and highlights within text? We don't even get formatting! ## But so for example, we would have pages like these: Nick Kearney bio and blog , and also narrative (to come!). Let's see if i can fork the changes back to this page here. Dave Cormier bio and he did not contribute narrative but we can link to his blog and to the interview we did with him for JPD will add direct link later Others here are rhizo14ers but did not participate in the CAE. We could ask permission from them to just link to the section of their blogs that uses rhizo14 tag. Just link to, not analyze. ##So those folks would be: Frances Bell bio and Frances Bell Rhizo14 posts Jenny Mackness bio and if she agrees, blog

I am exploring this. This note will show. Maha, when you say narrative, above, what are you referring to? (Nick)

Maha Bali responding to Nick. Narrative as in what you wrote at end of #rhizo14 in the document for collaborative autoethnography - remember? I invited you in and you wrote a part? So far we have not published that doc in an attractive format. So fedwiki is one option and allows ppl to update their narrative and add links, etc., and others to fork. What do u think? Makes data come alive but will be hell to analyze!