Fedwiki for Open Textbooks

I finally got around to reading about Kris Shaffer's Open Music Theory textbook link . I had always wondered why he called it open source rather than open access. When I read the explanation it made more sense. It's got github and forking and pulling and very fedwiki-type stuff, only not on fedwki?

Start quote

If you want to “fork” this textbook, either to deploy it for your own course or to use it as the basis for your own derived work, please visit the GitHub project page, log in (or sign up), and click “fork.” From there, you can edit, add, or remove the text, graphics, and videos (all text is in the very user-friendly Markdown format), or the theme (HTML and CSS). You can also send us a “pull request,” if you’ve made a change you think would be beneficial to add to this textbook. You can even download an individual file to convert into a handout to distribute in class. For more details on the open-source ideology behind this textbook or the process of using it for your own purposes, please read Kris Shaffer’s articles in Hybrid Pedagogy journal link : “Open-Source Scholarship” and “Push, Pull, Fork: GitHub for Academics.”

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